This is the blog of Elias Bizannes (hi). It started as a travel blog in 2005 when I went to 25 countries, and it’s evolved into the things that touch my interest in the Internet’s evolution and impact on the world. I write primarily to process the thoughts.

The header image
I took this picture while doing a trip into the Bolivian Amazon in December 2007. The picture is captivating but I chose it as it’s symbolic of why I have this blog: the large tree is in tune with a rich ecosystem and whose presence subtly graces the photo.

This blog is a way for me to develop my thoughts and grow them like a tree of knowledge, within a broader ecosystem that is the Internet. What makes blogging so unique to other forms of writing, is the interaction you get with other people .

I might also add I took this picture as a crocodile was watching.

Um – how do you say your name
I’ve been blessed with not one, but two unpronounceable names. It’s not that hard to say right and yet people continue to butcher it.

My first name is pronounced eh – LEE – ah(S) (although sometimes I say it without the S – which is the informal version of my name in Greek grammar and where my name comes from). My surname is pronounced Biz A – kNEES.

My grandfather, a refugee who moved to Australia, spelt it “Bizannes” versus the literal Greek spelling of “Bizanis” because he thought people would pronounce it more correctly. Thanks, grand dad.