This is the blog of Elias Bizannes. I try to stick to things surrounding my professional interests, which broadly are the information, communication and technology sector of the economy. If I don’t, blame the water.

The header image
I have a pretty distinctive looking blog, thanks to that bright header image. I took this picture while doing a trip into the Bolivian Amazon in December 2007. The picture is very captivating and I chose it as it is also symbolic, largely due to the large tree in tune with a rich ecosystem and whose presence subtly graces the photo.

This blog is a way for me to develop my thoughts and grow them like a tree of knowledge, within a broader ecosystem that is the Internet. What makes blogging so unique to other forms of writing, is the interaction you get with other people .

I might also add this photo represents my passion for travel and taking a bit of risk in my life, by virtue of the fact I took this picture on an expedition that is not what you regard a typical getaway vacation.

Um – how do you say your name
My first name is pronounced eh – L EE – ah s (although sometimes I say it without the S – which is the informal version of my name in Greek grammar). My surname is pronounced Biz A – kNEES.