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I’ve always thought people that write bio’s sound like narcissistic twats. Well since I get asked for it on a regular basis for speaking engagements, here is my best attempt at twattery.

But first, a note on what is the most asked question in my life. If you want to know how to pronounces my first name: it sounds like the show Alias (but with an E) or go by my preference which is my actual Greek name which sounds like Homer’s Iliad (but without a D). My surname sounds like Biz-Ah-Knees, not be-zanes. Speaking of which, when any reference to my name is made online, please link to http://eliasbizannes.com/. If you need a photo, use the one listed on my blog sidebar which allows you to embed and/or download.

Quick ‘n Dirty Bio
Elias Bizannes is an Australian entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley that founded StartupHouse, StartupBus and silicon beach.

Standard Bio
Elias Bizannes is an Australian entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He is the founder of San Francisco incubator space “StartupHouse“, the international bootcamp “StartupBus” and also created Australia’s “silicon beach“. He previously worked at venture capital firm Charles River Ventures, search engine startup Vast.com, and professional services firm PwC.

Extended bio
Elias Bizannes is an Australian entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley.

Most recently, he is the founder of StartupHouse, a 6000 square foot building that housed over 500 entrepreneurs as a “Bed and Desk” facility and is progressively relaunching as an 11,000 square foot building across three-stories in the heart of San Francisco where entrepreneurs live and work on their startups.

He is also the founder of StartupBus which has become well known as a competition for entrepreneurs in addition to being an global invite-only community that currently stands at 700 ~1300 people. Prior to that, he led a group of initiatives under the “Silicon Beach” moniker, which has now become the defacto brand and community representing Australia’s entrepreneurial technology industry.

He began his career at Big Four accounting firm PwC in 2005 as a financial statement auditor and ended up becoming recognised as an “entrepreneur” internally working on a CEO-sanctioned cultural change program that he proposed to management, before being recruited to run business operations at search engine startup Vast.com in 2009. He was subsequently approached to work as a director at one of America’s oldest venture capital firm’s, Charles River Ventures in 2011 before moving full-time onto his own ventures.


Links for additional backstory on my projects

– The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Foreign Correspondent” interviewed me at the original location of one of my businesses (StartupHouse — now at a new location) and home for my views. I worked very closely with the team and gave them not only a deep insight into the trends and history but access to other interviewees such as Naval and George.

– StartupBus is a business that I started in 2010 and have grown into an international event that receives mass coverage in the media and (sometimes, rabid) global community. Time Magazine put a video journalist on one of the buses in 2012 to tell the story of the North American competition.

– In 2008, I registered a domain name, started a weekly social event in Sydney that spread across Australia and created a mailing list that has grown to over 2000 people and has a high volume of postings. I did a podcast series and wrote a scathing letter on Internet censorship emailed to every single Australian senator. I subsequently was asked by the Australian Government to write a proposal that could guide policy development to support the Australian industry. Combined, all these efforts of mine are part of “Silicon Beach”, a brand I popularised that’s become the defacto brand representing the Australian tech industry.
Work experience

Charles River Ventures, 2011-2012
– I managed the seed investment program at a venture capital firm. The same firm that seeded Twitter.

Vast.com, inc, 2009-2011
– I managed the accounting and finance function of an Internet search engine

PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia, 2005-2009
– I spent nearly four years in the assurance practice, working on technology, media and entertainment companies. I was a Senior Accountant, that managed audit teams conducting the financial reporting requirements of companies.
– I successfully pitched, piloted, and oversaw the institutionalisation of social media tools at the firm, on a special piece of work I headed up that saw me drive a knowledge sharing and collaboration cultural-change program.

DataPortability Project, 2007- 2011
– I was a founding member of an Internet workgroup seeking to evangelise user control over their data through the use of open standards
– I led the charge to turn this online community into an organisation. I was been instrumental in developing its governance model, workflow process, formal vision, and its most significant output (the Portability Policy).

Bachelor of Commerce (University of Sydney), 2002-2004
– Three year undergraduate degree (full time)
– Majored in accounting and finance. Additional subjects in statistics, marketing, information systems, audit, and business law.

Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting, 2006-2008
– Two year post-graduate degree (full time)
– A requirement to enable admission into the Institute of Chartered Accountants (which also requires three years CA-mentored work experience)
– Subjects in strategic business management and management accounting; financial reporting and accounting; audit and assurance; taxation; and Ethics.

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