Travel is a life-long experience. And when I have time, I might explain that a bit more – but for now, here is the archive of my travel experiences. Well, the one big one at least. Although I’ve been to about 50 countries, this trip was not so much about me counting how many places I could visit but more a spiritual journey. I left as a boy and came back as a man.

Departing on March 31st 2005 and returning November 30 later that year, I visited 25+ countries mostly on my own. How can you can summarise an experience like that? You can’t – but for my own memories, I maintained an online journal which is how this blog started. I hope it can inspire you, like how other travelers telling their stories, inspired me.

Here are 2,500 pictures I took if you’re a visual kind of person; or click here to see all my posts from that epic trip; or start from the beginning – and read my first post through to my last – and you can relive the experience. (Just a warning – the interesting traveling didn’t start until June when I went to Albania)