What happens when you put 25 entrepreneurs on a bus from San Francisco to Austin? Well duh – six new startups of course! Since TechCrunch announced to the world about my crazy experiment, I frantically organised what has one of the more memorable experiences in my life. It was hard work to get sponsors, get people, get the bus – and even down to the wire, have WIFI. But I pulled it off, and now I’m ready to share to the world what happened.

I’m going to write a blog series that will answer the following questions:
* What worked?
* What didn’t work?
* What were all the ideas?
* What ideas got rejected?
* Who was on all the teams and what were there roles?
* Did people flake out before/during/after (and if so how did that get addressed)?
* What are the state of the projects now?
* Are we planning to do something like this again?
* Did anything crazy happen during the trip?

Below you’ll find links to posts I will write on the event (as I write them). Above the links, you will find a video of me explaining to the “buspreneurs” why I think this experiment is valuable, regardless of the outcome.

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This blog post is a series on the Startup Bus, an event that occurred in March 2010 that was powered by Alassian, mentored by the eStrategy Group and supported by several other very generous sponsors.