TechCrunch have been a big supporter of the DataPortability Project, which shows today with their encouragement for me to write a guest post on the Portability Policy, an initiative we announced today.

It’s exciting to see after all these years we are finally now reaching out to the world again, with something solid that people can rally behind. For years, we’ve been getting asked what people can do to show support for the philosophy of data portabiliy, but we’ve¬† been putting our heads down focussed on (necessary) things that made us fall off the map – like developing a sophisticated new governance model that is an innovation in itself (as virtual companies are still a new concept); the legal structure to become a non-profit; as well as the Portability Policy work itself which required hundreds of hours of research, discussion, and reflection.

If you’re interested in adopting a Portability Policy (read the above linked posts for more), you can do so very easily with a generator we are releasing today. Phil Wolff from the workgroup that developed this effort, also has a briefing pack and can help you understand what it is. Post a message on the community mailing list and we’ll respond to any issues you have.