In case you missed the news, the DataPortability Project received a cease and desist letter from Red Hat, because the logo is too similar to the Fedora logo. You can find out more on the coverage by Read/Write web and TechCrunch

As a result, we are launching a competition to design a new logo: read the announcement on Chris’s blog. Already we have received some generous corporate support, which includes an Apple iPhone, several hundred dollars worth of cash, credits, or other merchandise, free advertising on some of the leading technology blogs and other prizes and more to come. But there’s a few other things that people do not realise which I am going to detail here.


When Michael Pick created a video for the DataPortability Project last month, never did he expect such a reaction. I was talking to Michael about the reaction and he said: “I haven’t stopped for breath since about a week after the dp video went live”.

I asked him to elaborate so I could quote him on this post, and he says:

Working with the DataPortability project gave me the chance to not only support something I believe in, but has also been a huge success in generating new clients and some exciting projects as a direct consequence. Say something like that only less retarded. DataPortability design = $ + kudos + panties in the mail

And he’s not exaggerating. As I write this nearly 17,000 people have seen the video in the last month – and that’s just on Vimeo.

Aside from great prizes and guaranteed exposure, something else is at stake: you will be creating an icon that will be pushed to the world in a big way. I play a role with DataPortability trying to manage the hundreds of passionate people wanting to contribute, and I can assure you, there are plenty of conversations and plans on how we are going to be applying the DataPortability brand to the world. Remember, a core purpose of the DataPortability project is to synthesise existing efforts into one coherent framework. Just like when you see the RSS icon in browser status bar or on a website, so too will the DataPortability icon be used in the world to denote something about the service that holds the icon.

So you have until March 11 before we close the submission process. What are you waiting for – this is a chance to make a mark on the world!

– Competition for a new DataPortability logo

– Deadline 11 March 2008

– The logo should:

  • Be distinct, unique and easily identifiable
  • Remain clear and identifiable at small sizes (e.g. 16?ó16)
  • Convey the concept of moving/owning/syncing data
  • Aesthetically fit in with a broad range of site/application designs
  • Provide a clear silhouette that can be rendered in multiple colors

– Submit your entry on the Flickr pool