I’ve only recently started blogging again, and I need to get into the habit. Even though I have a gazillion things I want to write about, I literally don’t have the time! So here’s a quick post, to keep me – ahem – regular. It’s actually something I think about a lot, given my interest in the internet started from my interest/background in media. Meme was started by Jeremiah, and I saw it on a posting by Marty.

My Media Consumption Diet:

Web: I literally get 80% of the media consumption through the net. I use Google Reader and Bloglines – I use bloglines more because it lets me read my feeds quicker on my Nokia E61 (all the postings in one hit; don’t have to click on excerpts – Google reader mobile only does headlines). Both my feedreaders are primarily for keeping up with tech news. My homepages are Newsbreak and Techmeme and I check them regularly; del.icio.us helps me discover interesting articles on the net (like this one about the human condition and why we need to believe in God)

Music: Nova 969 when I drive. When I use the train , or if I need to block out the noise at work, I listen to 10 gigs of music on my iPod.

I’ve never been big on TV – at school, I was very active with sports; at uni, I worked big hours at a restaurant; and now I’m never home. I watch Prison Break. That’s it.

Communication: I use Facebook, and MySpace to a lesser extent, to keep in touch with friends. I respond to e-mails quickly, but not someone to initiate them unless I’m procrastinating for exams (where I manage to e-mail everyone I know overseas!). Although my good friends – about ten of them – I’m in contact with them through e-mail & phone all the time. The only land-line I use is my work phone at the office; I used my mobile phone a lot.

Movies: Movie’s are only something I do when I am in a relationship. Seeing as I’m avoiding any relationship that lasts over 24 hours, it’s fair to say I don’t see many movies now.

Zilch (and I used to read them a lot).

I have to do so much reading for my studies, that I can’t enjoy a book at night. Last book I read what “The World is Flat” (about a year ago). Currently, 3 pages into “the Anglosphere challenge” (I bought that at the same time at ‘The World is Flat’). I’ve been thinking about getting audio books, as a way of ‘reading’ during my dead time (like when I travel).

Having said that though, I still read a ridiculous amount. It’s just on the net now. The difference is that I can read an article or a blog posting in a few minutes during my lunch break. When I read books, it’s usually for a few hours at a time. (for example, I read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code in a day.)

In 2001, I would read the Economist, the Australian, and the Sydney Morning Herald every day; but I get more thought-provoking reading through blogs now, and newsbreak (see above – a memeorandum wannabe in Oz) keeps me in touch with the world. I feel guilty for not reading the Fin review regularly; actually I full-stop feel guilty for not keeping up with normal news.

I read my first newspaper for 2007 yesterday – only because you can’t take a laptop to the beach. I kind of miss reading newspapers- but it’s just purely a time thing why I don’t.

Sri and Tim – your turn! I’d also be interested to hear what a media researcher like Christy says as well