If you don’t know what new media is – read this good summary article by a media guru.

The internet is bringing forth a new way of communicating and information delivery. It’s not so much a matter of if, but when. Recently, I’ve started to think we are a lot closer to replacing the mass media than ever, and here are two examples.

1) Nova969 – the radio station I usually listen to, for the last year at least, has been doing this thing where you can choose the songs that get played

2) My neice was watching some kids show on the ABC. They took a break, and showed a clip of a kid in a go-cart rolling down the hill. But as he was going down, a cat was in his way – and you saw him worry about running over the cat. The clip then stopped, and the host of the show said you get to choose the ending – and promped you to go to the website to make a movie.

My interest in the internet began because of my interest in media: I realised in early 2003 after bringing out a student magainze, that print was just too damn expensive. So I toyed with the internet – rather than the website being a complement to the magazine, I explored in making it the actual product – and it’s been an interesting journey since. So although you could argue new media existed then, what shocks me is now is how mainstream new media is now.